CUSTOM Tiddy Mouse Pad

    120 USD


    You can now have any waifu or husbando or trashbag of your dreams as a soft, supple, squishy, mouse pad! Each commission covers the cost of production and full color art so you get a finished and functional artwork of the character of your choice!

    Please send reference and/or detailed description if you would like an original character or specific version/alteration of a character.

    There are various chest sizes/thigh bulges/3d shapes available, usually at no extra cost, I’d be happy to discus the details if you have something specific in mind, please add any requests to your buyers note!

    ❤ ANY characters, OCs, furries,  pkmn, etc~ 
    ❤ 3D gel tiddies/booty/thighs for wrist comfort
    ❤ Squared tiddy, Round tiddy, Booty or Thighs
    ❤  Big or Small tiddy
    ❤ Shameless 3D nipples available (free!)
    ❤  Yes, I can add a 3D buldge between the thighs
    ❤  Great for relieving stress/anxiety, like a stress ball but better~
    ❤ 26x21cm

    Please allow at least 2-3 months from purchase of ad for art creation, production, and shipping from the factory.